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Re: Please advise me...

On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 12:19:27AM -0500, dircha wrote:


> Well, I guess I didn't know what type of user you were. That you say you 
> will be doing a lot of coding, I assume, from what you said above, that 
> you are entering a Computer Science or Engineering program.


> If you run Debian/Linux as your primary OS, the odds are that you will 
> get no support from your school's IT support services. On your own you 
> will have to figure out how to print on their (probably) Windows network 
> to their Windows printer shares, and probably access file shares on a 
> Windows network. If your school has a local Linux Users Group, perhaps 
> you can go there for help with issues specific to your school's network 
> resources.

A number of universities are seeing the light and moving (or should
I say lurching) to Linux.  Sometimes it's a war between
Computer Science (Linux) and everyone else (WIndows).  Find out what the
situation is before you buy and/or enroll.

> Also, you may have to turn in electronic documents that will 
> render/format correctly as .doc documents in MS Word. There are little 
> issues that come up with things like bulleted lists, outlines, and 
> footnotes.

I use abiword. I don't use these things.  I find the user-interface too

-- hendrik

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