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Re: Shutdown

Hope this isn't a double post...

A guy in MDLUG figured out how to do it.  It actually has to be compiled
in :-/ (Hence why some distros can do it and some distros can't)
http://www.teamprimerib.com/mdlug/viewtopic.php?t=233&sid=1aed65eb198bae9deeea0528223ca44d ^^ There's the forum post that describes it.

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 12:52, Ralph Katz wrote:
> On 06/11/04 11:23, alex wrote:
> > I managed it to work from gdm
> > manager, but I wan't to eliminate the step of logging out before shutdown. 
> Control-alt-backspace would do the trick.   It should bring you right 
> back to the gdm menu to shutdown.
> Ah, but do you want those users to /know/ about Control-alt-backspace? 
>    That is the question....
> Regards.
Ken Simon <ken@ninkendo.org>

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