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confused Re: running fsck out of a script; drive never shows being checked

hi ya silvan

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Silvan wrote:

> On Tuesday 08 June 2004 09:06 pm, Alvin Oga wrote:
> That's 'cuz it's fsck, not fdisk.  :P

aint it fun, dumb of me, to look at the man pages of fdisk and talk about
e2fsck :-)  .. had a good night sleep afterward tho 
> So I should swap fsck for e2fsck for starters.

might be some differences between fsck and e2fsck
> It isn't mounted normally.  It isn't mounted before fscking it.

good... but i'd add the umount to the script, just to make sure
nothing breaks
> No, I shouldn't.  Especially since all 42 reports are completely uneventful 
> runs.  The "-n" option is supposed to keep it from doing anything without 
> asking me, and presumably if there ever *is* a problem, I'll see it the next 
> morning and can intervene manually.

wondering why you'd want to continuously ( daily ) check the fs ..
> > my guess is your script was not doing anything??
> Maybe not.  Maybe the -n option keeps it from showing that it has been fscked.  
> Must be some filesystem flag or something to show that, and in 
> non-interactive mode it writes nothing.  I guess that means it writes 
> *nothing*.

interesting idea with fsck -n ...

sounds like the script didnt do anything, because when you mount(?) it,
it says ( running e2fsck since its been mounted 42 times w/o fsck'ing )
	- a good sign, in this case

have fun

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