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Re: Possible convert to Debian

Simon Kitching said:
> Personally I would recommend the "testing" distribution. Sid/unstable
> really can be unstable at times. I upgraded last week and lost all

> Stable is really old at the moment - though hopefully a new release will
> be out within a few months. It's really more appropriate to servers than
> desktop systems.

Just do stable/testing with apt-pinning. I use that for my public services
and testing for items I need such as spamassassin, eg.

> Not quite, according to the reports I've seen. Yes, you can point a
> Knoppix installation at standard debian repositories to get updates. But
> apparently Knoppix sets up some of the system scripts etc. differently
> from debian so there can be surprises (unexpected breakage) later on.
> NB: all this is just hearsay.
My attempts to go from knoppix to debian and have a normal debian install
all puked. I use the bonzai linux installer to install a stock stable
debian system with automatic hardware detection.
I used testing on systems that need the hardware support.
I've NEVER used X on ANY debian system, I only use them for servers.
So I have no idea what it does for x/sound/usb detection, nor do I care.

>> 5.  I am interested in software RAID 1 and have 2 identical HDDs.  Is
>> there
>> an option during the install from Debian CDs (didn't see it in the
>> Knoppix
<rant on>
Read my amazingly detailed and concise writeup on how to convert to a raid
system. http://rootraiddoc.alioth.debian.org.
</rant off>
I've been very happy with the upgradability of debian systems, it has
spared me a lot of work on maintaining various computataional clusters.
You'd have to be stupid to use FC1 or FC2 on a server.
Google for the reasons.
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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