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Re: Changing Default Display Mgr

On (07/06/04 16:09), J. Preiss wrote:

"apt-get install kde kdm"
If kdm is already installed, then do "dpkg-reconfigure kdm".
Select "kdm" as your default display manager. (If it doesn't take, try
again, select one of the other managers, then repeat the process a final
time and select kdm.)

If kdm doesn't start, either reboot or "/etc/init.d/kdm start", then at
the login screen make sure KDE is your window manager before logging in.
This does not work... I hav gdm and xdm installed, I always see the lines
starting kdm.... starting gdm.... (gdm not default manager)
 starting xdm.... (xdm not default manager)
and thats all, then I have to login on the console. When I make a dpk-reconfigure kdm, and I change gdm, then really strange things happen. But ok, thats nonsense.
From another post, I believe X does start with "startx", right?

So I'd "apt-get --purge remove kdm" to clear out any corrupt kdm-related files, then reinstall it with "apt-get install kdm".


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