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Re: Internal Modem

Dear Keeling,
Thank's for your attention.
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From: s. keeling
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2004 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: Internal Modem

I can only guess that hsfmodem_6.03.00lnxt04051300full_i386.deb is
I removed hsfmodem_6.03.00lnxt04051300full_i386.deb and replaced it with the new one downloaded from linuxant.com
I see file size has been reduced when I copied it from /floppy -size 939072- to /etc -size -655360-    
Is it indicated corrupt file as you suspected?
If so, what should I do next?
If they supply an md5sum with the .deb, can you compare it
to what md5sum says it should be?
I can see md5sum in Linuxant.com but I don't know what to compare to. 

Alternatively, how did you "get" the .deb?  What did you use?
I get .deb from local vendor, I used 7 of 8 cdrom when I installed it on my PIII system with 256MB RAM, 20GB Disk.

Even better, give up and buy a real, controller based modem.
Any recommended modem?

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