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Re: apt-get: mixed system

Thanks, Joris and Paul.  I will try to stick to backport.  (Thanks for the
warning, Paul.)

All I want is to add a newer version of gphoto2/gtkam, since the older
version does not support my camera.  I tried adding the line

deb http://www.backports.org/debian stable gphoto2 gtkam

to my source list.  It runs "apt-get update" OK (no errors, and it does
hit backports.org), but "apt-get install gphoto2" installed the version
from Debians stable (v2.0final-4) instead of the one in backports.org
(2.1.4-1).  If I try "apt-get install gphoto2=2.1.4-1", I get

E: Version '2.1.4-1' for 'gphoto2' was not found

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again,


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