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Exim startup timeout

Hi there:

Recently I installed a sid system on my laptop and am using exim4 as 
it's MTA. However when I boot my notebook and when the system wants to 
start the MTA, when I am not connected to the net, it takes nearly 2 
minutes or so to do it. When I am connected to the net, the MTA is 
started instantly. I guess it's either a DNS or a DHCP timeout, ( I 
guess it is a DNS timeout, cause my system doesn't use DHCP anyway). 

How can I lessen (or disable) this timeout? Many times, I boot my system 
without being connected to the net, I don't want my system to sit for 
two minutes doing nothing. I don't want to remove exim4 form my init 
scripts, I want it always to start, I just don't want this ridiculous 

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Aryan Ameri

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