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problems using maximized partitions--how to resize?

My HD was originally set up with my attempting to maximize the disk
space usage, as the help available suggested it being feasible/useful. 

For kicks I DL'd Libranet, planning to play with it using my unused
freespace.  The installer complained about the partition table being
screwed up, and it went on to show a planned resizing of the current
partitions. This involved slicing about 0.03 Mb off of each partition
as dead space.  I had had this happen once before without so much
warning with the Debian installer, and nearly lost everything.

I bolted from the installation, of course.

My big question is... what is a workable plan for changing this, since
it seems to create more problems??  Is this something I can work around
another way than what I'm thinking about below?  Current setup

hda1    Boot     Primary   NTFS       []   15356.60
hda2             Primary   W95 FAT32 (LBA)  6144.29
hda3             Primary   Linux swap       1027.23*    
hda5             Logical   Linux ext2       1024.00*    
hda6             Logical   Linux ext2         31.94*
hda7             Logical   Linux ext2         96.00*
hda8             Logical   Linux ext2       1023.94*
hda9             Logical   Linux ext2       2024.13*
hda10            Logical   Linux ext2       6144.13*
hda11            Logical   Linux ext2       4096.26*
hda12            Logical   Linux ext2      10240.48*
                 Logical   Free Space      72822.57*

hda5 is my rescue partition.
/boot, /, /tmp, /var, /usr, and /home round out hda5-11.
hda12 is a backup partition.

I might merge the boot/root/tmp partitions in the process--seems a bit
like overkill.

I boot using grub, based off of my rescue partition.

I'm not scared about moving stuff around the disk, and was thinking
about the following:

1) Boot to rescue. Format the freespace (hda13... how cute.  :)

2) Create directories for the other partitions' contents on hda13.  

3) Copy that stuff over from each partition 
         (`cp -a * /mnt/dir_4_this_partition` from the mounted hda6-11)

4) Redo the middle partitions.  Parted?  (I've never used it...)

5) Copy stuff back from hda13. 

6) Boot into the main system and redo the emergency partition.

Things I'm uncomfortable with: dealing with the swap (I have 512 Gb
memory--can I boot with no swap to deal with that?  When?), and what
exactly I need to do in cfdisk/parted to get rid of this maximized

Does this make sense?  Is there a better approach or tool to use?

Many thanks for thoughts...

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