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Re: GNU or Open Source Licensing agreenemt.

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Paul Johnson wrote:

> There's not 40 GPLs, there's one. 

version 1 and version 2 ... can be counted as 1 or 2 ??

> And the vast majority of software
> in Debian is licensed under it.  Check the Debian Free Software
> Guidelines for a general idea of what you can and can't do.

good idea
> > and what happens when you mix and match various licenses together ... :-)
> Don't.  Life's too short to deal with some random developer's
> licensing bogosity.

as soon as one loads mozilla .. you have a mix of gpl and mpl

and one already have a mix of licenses .. even in debian ? [1]
	see openwall patches vs glibc, procps

and its been over 5 yrs ago, but there was a lot of legal license
issues with "allowing reverse engineering"  and "derivative works"
to be sent back in ..

but .. i say just leave it up to the lawyers to decide

and all these licenses that very few people read and understand 
will become a bigger problem 
( the point, its a big mess of various licenses )

fun stuff ...

c ya

from  the openwall patches by solar designer

Machine-readable files in this package fall under the following terms:

linux-2.*-ow*.diff has to be GPL'ed, like the rest of Linux kernel;
glibc-2.1.3-cvs-20000504-dl-open.diff is LGPL'ed, like the rest of glibc;
procps-2.0.6-ow1.diff has GPL'ed and LGPL'ed parts (for libproc);
chstk.c and stacktest.c I've placed in the public domain.

This file itself, README, and FAQ are copyrighted by me. 

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