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Re: Trying to move root partition

"Paul Galbraith" <paul@paulgalbraith.net> writes:

> I want to move my root partition to a new drive. I created a new
> partition and formatted it, and then used cp -a from a knoppix CD to
> copy the root parition files over to the new parition, and changed
> fstab to point to the new location.

Don't copy knoppix CDs to get an installation, use knx-hdinstall.sh
(and join the Knoppix mailing list).

> However, when I reboot from the new location, I get this error and a
> kernel panic, and the system freezes during boot:
>     mout: /dev2/root2 is not a valid block device

/dev2/root2/ isn't a path to anything on most systems...

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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