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Re: Spamassasin on Woody - standard install using spamc fails??

>On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 03:25:39PM -0700, Peter Sebastian Masny wrote:
>>Peter Sebastian Masny wrote:
>>Hrmph.  Old spamassassin incompatible with new perl in stable.
>>Using the proposed-update spamassassin (woody4) did not fix the problem. 
>> Probably have to use testing version, which means testing for a bunch 
>>of libraries... sigh.
>Or you can try using the latest spamassassin from backports.org that is
>backported to woody.

I encountered this same problem with new perl and spamassassin in
woody.  The backports version appears to be working well and was not
difficult to install (though spamassassin has made some changes in
file locations, etc).  My thanks to the folks running backports.org!

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