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Re: Is debian site down?

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> Is the debian site down?

HP donates the computer room space and utilities for several
debian.org servers.  HP has a scheduled power down to the entire
building in order to rewire the power entry and increase the power
capacity.  Here is an announcement I received.  Times are in US
Mountain Daylight Time (-0600).

  A power shut down for all of [1]Building 3 is scheduled for 7:00 AM
  Saturday May 29, 2004 through 7:00 AM Sunday May 30, 2004.  This
  shut down completes a project to increase power capacity to Building
  3, as well as improve back-up reliability.  The upgrade is a result
  of increasing power demand from higher powered R&D equipment and new
  computer rooms.

The list server should be unaffected and the following link will have
the debian.org announcement.


They scheduled an entire day.  But I know they are going to try to
complete it in the daylight.  So I expect things will come back online


[1] Fort Collins, CO, USA

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