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Re: cdrom does not un-mounts

Received Sat 22 May 2004  3:04pm +1000 from J.S.Sahambi:
> I am using Debian/sid. Some times when I mount a cdrom and try to 
> unmount it immediately, it gives the following error on the terminal:
> umount: /cdrom: device is busy
> umount: /cdrom: device is busy
> But the fact is the cdrom is not being used by any of my terminals or 
> programs (as I have not used the terminal or any program to browse or 
> use the cdrom). The only way I have found to umount the cdrom in this 
> case is to logout (or kill the xserver with ctrl-alt-backspace) and 
> login are root or same user and unmount. Then the cdrom unmounts with 
> out any problem.

Not sure if this might be your problem, but I used to have the same,
and found it was caused by the "fam" daemon. I used to kill it with
"wajig stop fam" (or more directly as "/etc/init.d/fam stop"). Then I
was able to unmount the cdrom.


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