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Re: Newbie Needs Printer Advice

welly hartanto wrote:
--- Clyde Wilson <clydew@accessbee.com> wrote:
I have a printer that hooks up to my USB port.  If I
do a  'echo "OK" > 
/dev/usb/lp0' I don't get any output.  Is there
something I need to do 
to get the right device?

Are you using udev ? which kernel is your system
running ?
Thnks for the help, Welly.  I really appreciate it!

I don't know if I'm using udev.  What is it?  My kernel version is 2.2.  
Several days ago, this happen to me.
The solusion is : cd /dev
                  /sbin/MAKEDEV usb
I did this and it did create /dev/usb which is a directory full of lp0 etc.  Is there a simple command like 'echo "OK" > /dev/usb/lp0' that will print something?
I'm running sid kernel 2.6.5.

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