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Weird manpage error messages...

Hey all,

I don't think I've ever seen this before, which doesn't necessarily
mean something, but still -- I can't seem to find something relevant
with Google either (except for the source of zsoelim, containing the
error message itself :-/), so I'm a tad worried.

I first noticed "man pkg-config" said this at the bottom of the terminal:

Manual page pkg-config(1) line 1/tmp/zmanovJ7ct:255: warning
[p 4, 6.8i, div `an-div', 0.0i]: cannot adjust line
/tmp/zmanovJ7ct:255: warning [p 4, 6.8i]: cannot adjust line

A few minutes later, "man aterm" wouldn't even show the man page at all,
only some dozens of lines like this:

zsoelim: aterm.pretbl:605: warning: newline in .lf request, ignoring

...with the number varying.

/usr/bin/tbl:aterm.pretbl:836: `.' not last character on line
/usr/bin/tbl:aterm.pretbl:836: giving up on this table

...appears a few times, too. I'm not an expert at all, but the one
idea I had was to "man aterm | tee meh.txt". meh.txt afterwards seems
to contain large parts of the manual page, mixed with blocks of error
lines as shown above.

Does anyone know what might be going on? I've tried reinstalling
man-db, manpages and groff, but of course, that didn't help much.

I'm using Debian sid, with Gnome packages from experimental. I'm not
sure how to check if perhaps certain experimental packages not related
to Gnome slipped in by accident...


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