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Re: woody/sarge vs. stable/testing in sources.list

--- David GaGaudinedadavidmemclaboconcordiaa> wrote:
> > I know that this is not recommended. But I often
> set up DeDebianachines
> > for "friends" who have virtually no clue
> whatsoever and no intentions
> > of changing this. The machines are obviously not
> very important but I
> > want to provide at least a minimal level of
> security because if I do not
> > it will be sooner that I have to spend time and
> efforts in fixing their
> > broken-into boxes.
> I do it too, but I set it up to mail the output to
> me so I can check that
> there were no errors.
> David

and if ththeresroblem with MTMTApgrade ?:)



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