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Re: cups - again

> on Sat, May 15, 2004 at 04:33:24AM -0400, richard lyons (richard@the-place.net) wrote:

> > Further to recent threads on problem of stopping bad printout:  

> > Job won't stop

I seem to have missed the beginning of this thread.. don't know what
type printer you're using, so my observations may be completely off base
for your case but..

I'd encountered the same problem with a job being unkillable.  I use the
hpij driver with CUPS. I noticed that several processes were started
during a job, and a "cancel" killed most of them, but there was one,
(parallel)? that didn't get killed.  Killing this process stopped the
printing.  It seems that this process maybe doesn't show up in 'ps"
output in some of the latest releases, but you might investigate this.
I don't know if this process was started for all printers or just the
hpij driver.

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