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Network is not working


i installed debian woody , upgraded kernel to 2.4.26 successfully
i have 2 NIC cards at my server , one Intel PRO1000 built in the Abit IC7 Motherboard and another 3com soho100b-tx , the 2.2 kernel did not identify neither , the 2.4.26 viewed the intel as eth0

so now ifconfig shows it
i edited /etc/network/interfaces and added the ip and netmask and gateway

and ifconfig again , its all fine , but i can not ping any host on my subnet or my gateway

and upon arp -a , i see my gateway ip and a (incomplete) enty in the Mac Address field .

upon dmesg i made sure that eth0 is the intel card , and i checked cable on other pc , not faulty ,

if i ping anyhost , ping just holds until i cntrl+c and it gives that it sent packets and failed , how do i identify the problem ?

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