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Re: Upgrade

Pedro M.-

An easy way to custom-compile your own kernel and then
install is to use make-kpkg.

You need to download the kernel source, then you unzip
it (put it in the /usr/src directory).  Remove the
'linux' symlink to the old source directory and make a
new one to your new kernel source dir.  cd into that
symlink and run make menuconfig.  Select all the
modules you need, deselect the ones you don't-take
your time to figure out what you do and don't want. 
When you're done, save and exit menuconfig (or
xconfig).  Then use make-kpkg to create a deb package
of your kernel ("make-kpkg buildpackage -rev Custom.1
kernel_image" should do it).  The thing will compile,
which may take quite a long time.  If it completes
without any fatal errors, cd back up, into /usr/src. 
Then you can install the custom kernel image you made
with "dpkg -i <yourkernelimage.deb>"
After that, just update your boot loader.
To start over from "make menuconfig" go into your
/usr/src/linux and use "make clean"
AFAIK, this is the easiest way to install a new,
custom-compiled kernel.


--- "Pedro M. (Morphix User)" <pmacv@telefonica.net>
> How me, a newbie, can easily upgrade the kernel form
> 2.4 to 2.6 ??
> http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?InstallKernel
> Perhaps using InstallKernel and Synaptic ??.
> Regards.
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