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apt-get dist-upgarde error: can't perform configuration on initscript


I downloaded the weekly debian Sid CDs produced by fsn.hu and added those 14 
CDs to my sources.list using apt-cdrom. Then I proceded to upgrade my woody/
Sarge/Sid mixture to Sid. Everything seemed to work fine, I resolved a couple 
of problems with 'apt-get -f install' and then issued the 'apt-get 
dist-upgrade' command, it asked me to put the first CD in the drive, I did, 
everything seemed to go fine; but then I received the following error:

E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on 

I Googled a bit and followed the instructions on http://www.lugod.org/
mailinglists/archives/vox-tech/2003-06/msg00339.html which means I installed 
a couple of libdb3 and libpam packages using dpkg -i. But my problem wasn't 
solved and I couldn't find any more meaningful reference using Google.

Anyone has a idea on what I am doing wrong, and how can I upgrade my system to 

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