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Re: Evolution?

John L Fjellstad wrote:

 Ping Wing <z1ngsz0ng@yahoo.com> writes:

> Btw, has anyone seen any gnome/gtk application that doesnt crash
> regulary? Really, i dont wanna start flame but thats so.

 I've used grip and gaim for a long time without problems (usually
 under KDE).

I started off with KDE when I switched from Windows, but I copped too much as far as segfaulting goes, so I switched to Gnome. I wouldn't know what KDE is like these days.
Now I run minimal gnome desktops. Everything is stable. Rock solid.

Stability has more to do with external factors. Hardware compatibility is one, and also I believe that many recommends could be included as dependencies, while others would barely make the grade as suggests. I discovered this when establishing what composed a stable base to carry applications like Galeon. A package, not listed as a dependency, that would appear to be almost unrelated would convert Galeon from a Walrus trying to fly, to a stable application.
Get in and play a little. It's amazing what you find out.


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