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Re: IMAP tunnel thru http proxy - possible?

Deboo wrote:

>    I just have http access from office (thru a proxy gateway), and
>    no outside POP/IMAP/SMTP access. Is it possible to somehow tunnel
>    all the IMAP(S)/POP(S) requests thru the proxy? The proxy allows
>    http/https and ftp only.

Translation: "Please tell me how to violate my employer's security policy".

Disclaimer: Doing this in your workplace may, depending on local laws and
employer policies, result in disciplinary action up to and including
termination, and may even lead to a lawsuit or criminal prosecution.

If the proxy is badly configured, you may be able to tunnel out to arbitrary
TCP ports using the CONNECT method. Under certain circumstances it is
possible even with a properly configured proxy.

There are software tools designed to do this, though I know of none by name.
Google is your friend - try "proxy tunnel CONNECT". You will find
documentation on how this works and tools that help you do it.


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