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Re: suddenly only root can login

what's listed in /etc/shells


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On 12-May-04, at 12:59 PM, Richard Weil wrote:

I'm running sarge on a fairly reliable machine. Today,
for some reason, no one but root can log on to the
machine. All of the users are still on the system.
Once logged into the system as root, it is impossible
to su to one of the users. Also, none of the users who
access the system via samba can logon either.

From root, if I try to su I get "No shell", which is
not the case. This shows up in the auth.log

May 12 14:51:36 augusta sshd[4235]: (pam_unix) session
opened for user rcw by (uid=0)

May 12 14:51:36 augusta sshd[4235]: fatal:
login_get_lastlog: Cannot find account for uid 1000

I checked and /etc/passwd looks fine.

I'm totally stumped.

The machine was running 2.6.3, but I upgraded to 2.6.5
in case it was some odd sort of kernel problem -- no

I did update to the latest testing yesterday
afternoon; I don't remember what was updated, but it
looked harmless. The problem manifested itself this



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