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Re: Does nice-ness exist for bandwidth? [sic]

On Wed, 12 May 2004 02:52:33 +1000
Lex Hider <alexeijh@pacific.net.au> wrote:

> Now if I'm web-browsing and reading a page already loaded
> all the bandwidth goes to wget/apt-get.
> But when I am loading a web-site or checking my mail then
> the priority for the bandwidth goes to the browser like
> in the cpu-nice example.
> =======
> Does an application that achieves the above exist currently?
> If not; is it possible or even a good idea?

The way packet handling works in Linux makes it hard if not impossible
to determine what specific application created a packet. You can however
do some pretty sophisticated scheduling based on service types. This is
not a trivial topic, but if you're willing to learn a bit, this will
really help you to get started:


Mostly, you should read chapters 1-3 and 9. You'll also want to get at
least into the iptables basics. The most important stuff is already
handled in the HOWTO, but there are some interesting possibilities (rate
limiting etc.).

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