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Re: Can rpm packages from other linux distribution be used on Debian?

On (12/05/04 17:40), Rick wrote:
> Hello People:
>      Our product is base on redhat,I will porting it to Debian,but in this
> system,many procedure depend redhat rpms,for example:
> glibc-2.3.2-11.9.i386.rpm, perl-5.8.0-88.i386.rpm,etc..
>     At the start,I wanted to try install these rpm packages(from redhat) On
> debian,but I found that thers is a lot work to do,some rpm packages even can't
> be installed on it.(perhaps these rpms packages from redhat can't be used on
> debian at all).I think 2 ways to settle this problem,But I am not sure these
> ways is doable,and I wish to get some advices about it.these problem are:
>  	1. Use a certain tool to translate these packages(glibc*.rpm..) from redhat
> to rpm packages that can be used on debian.Is there such tools exist on
> debian?
Check out alien, a package specifically to convert rpms and you may want
to look at:


> 	2. On Debian,after I install rpm,rpm DB and deb DB exist,Can I make some
> mapping bettwen betwwen rpm DB and deb DB? when I run rpm command,the OS will
> invoke debian DB.for example:
> 	# rpm -qv gcc
> 	package gcc is not installed
> 	#dpkg -l |grep gcc
> 	ii  gcc-3.0        3.0.4-7        The GNU C compiler.
> 	#
> this means gcc*rpm isn't installed but gcc*deb is installed on debian. after I
> make this mapping,I can use rpm to access deb DB.
> 	# rpm -qv gcc
> 	gcc-3.0
> 	#
> if this way is feasible,How to do it?
> 	I am a new debian user,not too familiar with this OS,	If above ways are
> impossible,is thers other ways to attain my purpose?
> Thanks!
> Rick 

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