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nvidia-kernel-source, 2.6.6

I've been happily using the Debian nvidia packages for some time
(nvidia-kernel-source and nvidia-glx).  Currently, I have the versions
from unstable. However, I recently upgraded to kernel 2.6.6 and so had
to re-compile the kernel modules provided by the package. Compilation
and installation seemed to go fine, but the nvidia module won't
load. The error message from modprobe is:

  version magic `2.6.6 686 gcc-3.3' should be `2.6.6 preempt PENTIUM4 gcc-3.3'
  Invalid module format

There has been much discussion of problems with the nvidia driver
under 2.6.6:


but the discussions I've seen all have to do with pre-release
versions, and they also seem to suggest that the problem will arise
only if the option CONFIG_4KSTACKS is turned on. For me, though, this
option is not turned on:

  # CONFIG_4KSTACKS is not set

Does anyone know if I can get around this problem?

Thanks very much,


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