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Re: My System Down-Pls Reply to dryden@verizon.net

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 05:14:10PM -0400, Emily Dryden said
> Ligthning strike killed my Linksys wireless router.  I have replaced it 
> and wavemon shows good signal strength at my computer but no link. 
> Presumably the problem is just in the setup but I cannot access the 
> setup.  This computer (my daughter's) is connected to the router by an 
> ethernet card and can reach the web.  When I try to access the router 
> setup by I get a message that the connection was 

With which browser?  Mozilla, afaik, doesn't use gconf at all, so
shouldn't be affected by that.  Does "links" or "lynx" work?  The
"connection refused" message means that the host you were connecting to
told you to buzz off.  Is it possibel that it is restricting access to
only certain IPs?

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