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Suexec path wrong?

For quite some time now I have been trying to get cgi working on a 
debian stable based system under the apt-get apache debs; My error 
log is 0 is size but my suexec log is huge, all saying the same 

[2004-05-11 12:16:14]: error: command not in docroot 

It is in the document root, its in the folder apacheis  set up for 
that useer DocumentRoot, and I cant change the directory to anything 
else; My question is this:

1. Why am I getting this error.
2. How can I fix it so that I get cgi (perl scripts) running without 
suexec stopping them, while still giving people that path to there 
scripts to they dont have to recode them all??

I tried taking suexec out of the apache config by renaming it like 
the apache docs say but all that did was make the server seqfualt any 
time a request for a cgi script happened.

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