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grub, deleted menu.1st by mistake

I have a fairly findamental problem with GRUB right

I appear to have accidently deleted the menu.1st file
in /boot/grub. My machine gets to the grub> prompt and
then I'm stuck -- I can't get any command to work.
Also, GRUB seems to have so taken over the boot
process I can't boot from cdrom to fix the problem.

I believe the partitions are something like:

partition 1: Windows XP
partition 2: /boot
partition 3: /
partition 4: swap

I could have them out of order -- can I get GRUB to
list partitions?

Other questions:

o  Assuming the partitions are right, how can I get
GRUB to boot? The kernel I'm using is the 2.6.3 from
sarge (it is initrd).

o  How can I make GRUB boot from cdrom?



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