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Re: ntfs mount permissions

hi ya matt

On Tue, 11 May 2004, Matthew Kay wrote:

> /dev/hda1       /mnt/win        ntfs 
> rw,auto,users,exec       0       0
> It works fine with this or read-only (ro) option, 
> for root,

root can do anything to itself, but necessarily to
a remote partition on a different machine

> but I can't get it to stay user-readable.

huh ??? if root umounted what it mounted, yes, 
it might start some problems

root's mask should prevent users from "reading"
root owned files 

> When I mount it as read-only I 
> can't chown/chmod it at all, 

i assume "i mount" meaning that "user matt"

because, you mounted it readonly

> and when I mount it as read-write I can chown it

good .. working as expected

>  but upon umounting 
> and remounting it

with what options  and who remounting it

>  reverts to the original 
> permissions (drwx------ root root).
> Any ideas?

do it the way it works ( explictly using rw when youn eed it )
or even better, use autofs or amd ( any automounter )

c ya

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