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Re: edit pdf's

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 12:45:19PM -0400, Matt Price wrote:
> hey folks,
> I have a bunch of pdf's I'd like to print out, scanned from
> small-paged books.  I'd like to print them out two-to-a-page, but
> they've been saved with lots of blank space around the text; so when I
> just try
> lpr -o number-up=2
> I get very  very tiny type.  I'd like to somehow strip the blank space
> away from the original files... but I have no idea whether it's
> posswible to do that in, say, a text editor, by editing some of the
> readable text.  Anyone have any other idea how it might be done?  Is
> there a program lurking out there that might work (apt-cache didn't
> seem to find anything).  
> thanks much,
> m

The way I would do it:

1. pdf2ps in.pdf out.ps
2. convert out.ps out1.jpg
3. Open out1.jpg with gimp
   See on the screen what are the coordinates of the area that you want
   to crop. Write them down.
4. convert -crop (see man convert) -resize (may be needed, don't know)
   out1.jpg out2.ps
5. ps2pdf out2.ps final.pdf
6. rm out*

You may need to play with psnup, pstops (check that) to insert some
step between 4 and 5, perhaps to get 2 pages in one, as wanted by you.

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