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mouse + gtk problems.

Since some time I have problems with my built-in Touchpad PS/2 mouse device
under X.

It's there, I can use it and it's fine. Until I start a gtk (1 or 2)
application and it's gone. It took a while to discover this was the
problem, since I thought this mousedevice just 'disapeared' after a while 
(I normally use my external USB mouse).
It's seemed to disappear only after I started firefox (which is gtk based)
and after testing, even the configuration tools 'switch' and 'switch2' kill
the internal PS/2 mouse/touchpad.

Anybody any idea why this happens?
I don't use gpm, but could it be that gtk apps start gpm-like services under

Once closed I cannot bring the internal mouse back to life, I need to
restart X for that. At least, that's what I figured out so far.

Oh btw, I normally use KDE, so gtk apps are 'foreign' for my DE.


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