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Almost there: CUPS, Samba 3.0 !

Hello all,

I can't connect to my shared printers. There. Thats the problem ;-)

I get a "Unable to connect, Access is denied" when I double click on the shared "Xerox" printer from Network Neighboorhood.

The Printer will print from the CUPS administration reached via: http://debian:631 usign a testprint from CUPS.

So I know that CUPS -> Printer is ok.

My Samba conf looks like:

	load printers = yes
	show add printers = yes
	printcap name = cups
	printing = cups
	printer admin = @ntadmin, root

	comment = All printers
	available = yes
	browseable = yes
	path = /tmp
	printable = yes
	public = yes
	writeable = yes
	guest ok = yes
	guest account = nobody
	create mode = 0700
	use client driver = yes

When I issue "net use lpt1 \\debian\Xerox" from the command line. lpt1 points to the printer!

It will then even print when I do "echo "Hello world" > lpt1" !

But I can't simply doubleclick the printer and add it to my regular windows printers...

No error's are showing up in the logs as well.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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