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Re: Thinkpad with 2.6 -- Trackpoint dead

On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 08:46:46PM +1200, Alex C-G wrote:
> Hi, I've just upgraded to 2.6.5-1 from unstable. Using GRUB I can boot
> into it fine, except when I get into X the mouse pointer just sits in
> the middle of the screen. Moving the trackpoint has no effect
> I'm using an IBM Thinkpad G40. Anyone have any ideas?
> Incidentally, when using LILO I just get a black screen when trying to
> boot 2.6.5. Don't know if that helps
> Thanks,
> Alex C-G
Hi Alex,
if you had a 2.4.x kernel before, 2.6.x by default does not include all
the required modules. You may been to add 'psmouse' to /etc/modules.

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