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Re: How to downgrade kernel?

Anyway, at the expense of being locked to a specific kernel version, I'd really like to get it working. So I use apt-get to download the appropriate kernel, headers and pcmcia-modules. But how do I "activate" it? Presumably I need an initrd image in my boot partition? None have been forthcoming.

When you apt-getted the kernel, it should have placed the new kernel and the initrd.img in /boot, created symlink (vmlinuz and initrd) in / that points to them, and then run lilo. When lilo ran, it should have warned you about putting "initrd=/initrd.img" in /etc/lilo.conf. If you did, before lilo finished running, then all that should be left is to reboot. If you did not, add that line to the appropriate stanza in lilo.con, re-run lilo, and reboot.


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