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Re: Mail system setup on Debian Sarge

> I am looking for some specific features, and have
> thought of a software 
> combination that might work, but would like someone
> with experience to 
> point me in the right direction, if this isn't the
> one.
> I need for users:
> - Webmail access (Squirrelmail or Open WebMail?)
> - Mail forwarding
> - Mail fetching from other accounts (POP3/IMAP)
> - Online account management
> I'm thinking Qmail for MTA, but know nothing of how
> to make it fetch 
> mail from other accounts (fetchmail, I suppose), and
> how to make this 
> feature available for online configuration for my
> users (Usermin?)

qmail is nice, but if you want to have extra features
then it's hack. It's designed to be very simple and
secure [ and it is ]  MTA.

maybe choose postfix ? 
or whole courier [imapd/pop3d/smtpd/ ldap/*sql
support] package..

I dont know about OpenWebMail but squirrelmail is very
nice product, choose that first I suggest :)


> Any thoughts or pointers?
> Thanks,
> Achton N. Netherclift
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