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Re: debian running out of threads

executing "ulimit" from the bash shell reports "unlimited" and bash "ulimit -a" gives the same output for my account as for root.

I have googled for bugs and found nothing looking relevant.

The JVM memory allocations are much below system resource max.

Know of any way to find out how many threads a process uses and how many are free vs. available for use?

dircha wrote:
hanasaki wrote:

The below configuration is running out of threads.  This is indicated by
Netbeans 3.6 (a Java ide - www.netbeans.org) reporting "out of memory
error, cant make new native thread".  The interesting thing about this
is that it began right after I upgraded from gnome2.4 to gnome2.6  After
killing the netbeans/java task, even simple unix processes cannot get
enough resources to run (ex: kill, ps, ls ...)  It was necessary to goto
a root account to kill the ide process.

    debian - unstable
    gnome 2.6 - from debian packages
    kernel 2.6.5
    1 gig ram
    AMD Barton 3000+
    Free RAM = 20Meg physical and 1gig Swap
    Netbeans 3.6
    Java JDK 1.5Beta1

I don't use Netbeans, but two things you might try:
- Check that your aren't running up against a limit specified with the 'ulimit' command (see: man bash). - If you are doing something like allocating 768+ MB to the JVM, try _deceasing_ this value so that there are more resources available for native threads.

I'm going to guess that running a GNOME 2.6 desktop takes more resources than running a GNOME 2.4 desktop (although I run neither). That it began after the upgrade probably indicates nothing other than that it exacerbated the problem.


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