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Re: cd and floppy disk use

Apparently, _Chris Metzler_, on 05/02/04 16:55,typed:

For me, /dev/hd* has group disk, except for hda and hdc, which are
both cdrom (and are where I put a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW.  The installer
took care of appropriate group assignment for those two devices;
I dunno why that didn't happen for you.  But at any rate, if hdc
is your CDRW, it oughta have a group of cdrom, with that group
having users who'd use it as its membership.


WHen I install Sarge, /dev/hdc is owned by root:disk. I always have to change it to root:cdrom. And make users who want to use CDRW as members of group 'cdrom'.

Also, at present I am really clear on what /cdrom /cdrom0 actually do. To use CDROM, I had to make a link /cdrom->/dev/cdrom (or was it /dev/cdrom0) and to use my CDRW I had to make a link /cdrw->/dev/hdd


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