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Re: creating INET socket with spamd

On Sun, 2 May 2004 10:42:21 +0200
LeVA <leva@az.isten.hu> wrote:

>2004. május 2. 10:28 dátummal messmate ezt írta:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm running sylpheed-claws with the spamassassin plugin.
>> Looking at /var/log/syslog, a message said :
>> "Could not create INET socket: Permission denied IO::Socket::INET:
>> Permission denied"
>> What can i do to resolve this pb ?
>> Thanks in advance for the help.
>> mess-mate
>Looks like some process is trying to bind to a system/privileged 
>(usually below 1024) port, which is not allowed to simple users. You 
>should check you config files.
>Best wishes,
Thanks, solved with a spamd -u (user)

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