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Re: what *nix magazines do you read?

On Sat, May 01, 2004 at 02:55:34AM -0400, Randy W. Sims wrote:
> What magazines (online & print) do you read to keep up with 
> linux/networking/administration, etc. ??? I'm wondering if I'm missing 
> any good sources.
> SysAdmin
I've read it on ocassion, it is a small page size publication with
specificly targeted good quality articles. 
> Linux Journal
Yhe one I subsribe to. I has good articles on various new or interesting
linux sw and or hw plus the usual mix of nice columns: kernel korner,
cooking with linux, etc.
> Linux Magazine
> Linux User & Developer
> Linux World
> Linux Format
Nice UK tabloid publication that carries a mix of stuff. Good detail
because of the size of the mag. but $10+ US , so its a little pricey.
> Linux Gazette
Nice community driven pub. Can be apt-getted. 
> Slashdot.org
What can you say about it. the good the bad and the ugly. It has it all.
> others?
Linux and main .com
debianplanet.org - debian web site.
planet.debian.net - blog of some of the debian org. folks

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