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Re: System Init bottlenecks

Quoting Adam Aube <aaube01@baker.edu>:

> Broughton, Derek wrote:
> > When I boot, I experience a number of filesystem related delays.
> > Is there a way to predefine that search order, so that it finds reiserfs
> > right away?  
> Edit /etc/fstab and explicitly configure a filesystem type so the system
> won't try to guess.

No, that isn't it.  This is on the initial mount of "/", so it doesn't 
_have_ /etc/fstab yet.  The odd thing is that grub has no problem identifying 
it immediately as reiser, it's just Linux that goes through a really odd 
ordering (I mean, it's fine to check ext2 first, but to check ext3 as well - 
when you're going to mount root as read-only anyway - then all the dos/fat 
related filesystems, before trying reiser?  The correct way to fix the fs 
search algorithm, if you have / mounted already is to modify /etc/filesystems, 
but it has the same problem as modifying /etc/fstab (which, btw, is already 

Recent discussion about CD mounting makes me guess a boot parm of hda2=reiserfs 
might help.

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