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Re: Where can I find my debian kernel?

On 2004-04-29, alex penned:
> Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
>>On 2004-04-28, Akkermans penned:
>>>Hi everyone,
>>>Can anybody tell me where I can find my debian kernel? I mean, can
>>>someone give me the path where I can find my kernel on my newly
>>>installed debian system? And if I can find it, is it possible to look
>>>into it using the VI editor?
>>Do you mean the kernel source, the kernel image, the compiled modules,
>>or something completely different?
> I think what Akkermans is asking for is just to see what this
> mysterious 'kernel' (so often mentioned on this list) looks like.
> Which one best shows the 'picture', the source, the image, the
> compiled modules, or whatever?

The image is binary, as are the compiled modules.  I would suggest
looking at the source, which debian puts in /usr/src, assuming of course
that you got the source from debian in the first place.

> Yes, I'd like to know, too.  If we were brave/stupid enough to try
> 'fixing' the kernel, which of the above should we be looking at?

Source.  But if you haven't had much experience writing code or doing
software development, I think the kernel would be a pretty painful
introduction.  But don't let me discourage you; maybe I'm just a wuss.
I've been developing software for several years, but the kernel code
still gives me the willies.


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