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Re: icewm + cups management

On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 12:50:36PM +0200, Richard Lyons wrote:
> I'm really pleased to have (originally accidentally) switched to icewm 
> from kde.  Now I see why so many here praise icewm - lean and mean.
> But I haven't found how to do some things that KDE provided tools for.  
> In particular, cups management.  I know there is supposed to be an html 
> tool at localhost:631, but that gives 'not found' on all my debian 

Not using icewm, but I do use cups.

In your cups.conf do you have "Port 631" or something else? (it is
configurable -- under "Network Options")

Does "#netstat -ptl" show cupsd listening on any port?

Then check under "Browsing Options" (enabled by default--did you disable
it?) You may have to tweak some of the browse settings if you want to
access it from your network rather than the machine itself.  You may
also want to tweak "Security Options" once you get it working to allow
specific users to modify settings.


> boxes, so I guess it is not implemented.  How do you icewm users do it?
> -- 
> richard

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