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Boot s/390 Debian Linux off CD How are my DASD addressed

I am VERY new to Linux, so this might seem silly, but we are in a shared
DASD shop.
I am trying to get started with Linux, so I got a Debian CD set, and booted
off the CD into a partition.
Next I need to format disks. Well I got some addresses to use from our DASD
and am VERY familiar with all of the MVS series operating systems, but do
not know how the IOCP
addressing translates to Linux addressing, and can NOT afford to just
The parmfile on the CD has just an "ro" in it, so Linux should be
autodetecting the devices.
I have a few thousand DASD units genned to the LPAR.
I would appreciate it if you responded (CC) to my email address as I not
(at least yet) a member.


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