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Re: upgraded to KDE 2.2.2

On Wednesday 28 April 2004 08:21 pm, Joseph wrote:
> I'm running Debian unstable and did apt-get dist-upgrade.
> The system upgraded my KDE to 2.2.2 but I think it was a mistake.
> Now, I can not close any Konsole Window after I open it (by clicking on
> X) and my CPU usage goes 100% every time I open Konsole Windows.
> Did anybody had any similar experience?
> --
> Joseph

I think you mean KDE 3.2?
Anyhow the same thing happened to me, running testing, on April 26.
But... today April 28, I did another apt-get dist-upgrade, and a lot more KDE 
packages got installed and fixed the problem.
Maybe you'll get lucky too.

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