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Re: Secure OS's

paul@thirdaspect.net wrote:
Hey peoples!

I have just been wondering about the security of debian verus the other "Secure"
OS's.  I am refering to OS's like OpenBSD, Immunix, and Adamantix.  I am new to
this area and I was wondering,

   1. What is the difference between more secure OS's and Debian?
None.  Debian can be as secure or insecure as you make it.
   2. What are the security Advanatages of Debian versus more secure OS's?
Again, it depends on how secure you make your particular configuration.
   3. Why doesn't all open source strive to be "more" secure?
Because security must be balanced with convenience.  The more secure you
make your system, the less convenient it is for your users.  For a
better undertsanding, check out the "Securing Debian" manual
(http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/) and the
documentation for Bastille.
   4. What are the performance advantages of Debian versus more secure OS's?
Depends on what hardware/tasks you have.  Also depends on whether
you use optimized packages, or rebuild the basic packages yourself with

You're welcome,

-Roberto Sanchez

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