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Re: grub/dual-boot problem

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 13:35, Richard Weil wrote:
> I'm having a grub/dual-boot problem.
> I'm running Sarge with the kernel from the initial
> install. The hard drive has 4 primary partitions:
> part 1 = win xp
> part 2 = /boot --> marked bootable in partition table
> part 3 = /
> part 4 = swap
> I installed win XP into part 1. I then installed Sarge
> and updated grub. On reboot, everything was fine --
> grub showed a menu with both win xp and linux. I could
> boot into linux fine. I had to then boot into windows.
> Now, on reboot, the grub menu doesn't come up; the
> machine goes straight into windows.
> Is there anything I can do in my grub setup to prevent
> this? It would be nice to actually be able to go back
> and forth.

Check your configuration. Your XP entry probably has something along the
lines of savedefault set.

Alex Malinovich
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