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Re: Cannot launch remote apps on X

English is read from top down with the flow of context, not newest
information on top.  Please learn to quote accordingly.

You sent a private-mail reply to my attempt to help you on a mailing
list, and failed to mention having done so.  If you expect me to reply
privately to your call for help, you need to arrange it with me first,
payment in cash, up front.

diego <ddc_prueba@yahoo.es> writes:

> El jue, 22-04-2004 a las 08:52, Paul Johnson escribió:
>> diego <ddc_prueba@yahoo.es> writes:
>> > Hello, I have a knoppix just installed and network configured with a
>> > fixed IP (lets say and working right. The problem is that
>> > if I do:
>> >
>> > 1) export DISPLAY=:0; xclock   ==> It works
>> >
>> > 2) export DISPLAY=; xclock  ==> It cannot connect to X
>> >
>> >
>> > I have done the "xhost +" part, also check that xfont is on :7100 port
>> > and not in :-1
>> DO NOT USE XHOST!  xhost is considered harmful, use google for a few
>> trillion reasons why.  Just use ssh -C -X to get displays over the
>> network.
> Yes, but I only wanted a quick way of testing as this is a very private
> net (I'm the only user) behind a firewall.
> I don't trust in myself anyway.... hehehe.

Even in that case, you really shouldn't bother with xhost.  ssh takes
care of all the hard stuff for you.  ssh is simply the easiest, most
reliable way to make a window display elsewhere when you're using X.

Paul Johnson

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