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KMail fine tuning


1. Originally if I reply to a message KMail quotes the original message 
and it places the cursor to the first line of the qouting. But I want 
to setup KMail to place the cursor at the bottom of the quote.

2. In my country (Hungary) we use the <Last Name> <First Name> form. So 
when I'm adding a new contact to the KAddressBook, then I'm filling it 
with the 'Doe John' form, instead of the 'John Doe' form. But in KMail, 
when I create a new message, and edit the To: field, KMail searching 
the addressbook in the <FirstName> <LastName> form. So it can only find 
my 'Doe John', if I type John first. Is it possible to setup kmail to 
reverse the naming?




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